Music For Piano Trio/The March of Folly

10 December 2009

Great review about recent performance at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Music For Piano Trio/The March of Folly

The New York Chronicle, Jay Nordlinger on the premiere at Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society “The program ended with something highly meritorious. This was Music for Piano Trio ‘The March of Folly,” by Justin Dello Joio. Any relation? Yes he is the son of the late composer Norman Dello Joio. The piano trio is in four movements, beginning with the March of Folly… It sounds like that too. It is full of drama and character, sounding well nigh operatic. Then we have a movement called Respite..Interesting too.

The third movement is the march of Folly:To the Abyss/Cataclysm. It is like the first movement only madder and more cataclysmic . Has ever so much fury ever been packed into a piano trio score? The last movement is Epilogue:Prayer for Chiara. It is truly beautiful and moving.

I found this work utterly involving; Dello Joio had me every step of the way. And let me say something especially personal: It was gratifying to be moved by a new piece of music, something I have experienced too seldom. And from now on, when I hear the name Dello Joio, I will perhaps think of Justin as much as Norman.” 

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